XR4ED Partners Present Project at CHI 2024 Conference

CYENS and UPC recently showcased the project at the ACM CHI 2024 conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. Held from May 11-16, 2024, at the Hawaiʻi Convention Center in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi, USA, CHI is the premier international conference of Human-Computer Interaction.

Embracing the theme of “Surfing the World,” CHI 2024 focused on pushing forth the wave of cutting-edge technology and riding the tide of new developments in human-computer interaction.

Prof. Fotis Liarokapis and Dr. Filip Skola presented an extended abstract titled ‘Increasing Meditation Efficiency with Virtual Reality’ through a poster session, disseminating XR4ED’s project goals and achievements.

Additionally, Prof. Nuria Pelechano delivered a presentation on behalf of XR4ED with a full paper entitled ‘Stretch your reach: Studying Self-Avatar and Controller Misalignment in Virtual Reality Interaction,’ further advancing discussions on XR technology in education.

The conference provided a platform for researchers, practitioners, and industry leaders to share their latest work, foster collaboration, and innovate in the field.