IDL Intensive Week of the SmartEdTech MSc

During the recent Intensive Week of the esteemed SmartEdTech MSc program at the Universite Cote d’Azur, on 12th October 2023, XR4ED partner, Infinitivity Design Labs (IDL), took center stage to introduce the groundbreaking XR4ED project to a captivated audience.

The SmartEdTech program is known for its unique blended learning model, offering students a dynamic combination of online courses (90%) and two immersive intensive weeks in the picturesque city of Nice, scheduled for October and April. This pioneering program is on a mission to advance digital education with a co-creative and participative vision, taking on contemporary social and economic challenges head-on. It caters to a diverse group of professionals, including designers, engineers, ergonomists, and others involved in the development of digital technologies for education (commonly known as EdTechs) and the educators who rely on these technologies. The program’s primary objective is to not only enhance the quality of current educational methods but also to shape the education of tomorrow by pioneering innovative digital pedagogies.

George Kalmpourtzis, representing IDL, took the opportunity to address over 80 eager instructional design students who had gathered from across the globe to participate in the MSc program, a dedicated curriculum focused on educational technology. During his presentation, he unveiled the learning experience design methodology developed by IDL within the framework of XR4ED. This methodology emerged as a powerful and promising tool for prospective educational technologists, promising to reshape the future of education. The XR4ED project, at its core, stands as a symbol of EU’s commitment to advancing education through cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking approaches. It seeks to revolutionize not only how we teach and learn today but also to pioneer the innovative educational practices of tomorrow.