Call for Experts

Expressions of Interest open until 06 June 2024 at 17:00 CEST

XR4ED will run two open calls to fund projects aiming to catalyse innovation and excellence in XR technologies for education while providing financial and technical support to start-ups, SMEs, industry players, and education-focused actors.

XR4ED aims to establish an external pool of experts to support the evaluation process of submitted applications to our open calls. The pool of experts established through this Expression of Interest will consist of individuals with knowledge in XR technologies for the educational sector. They will be selected through an open process to ensure independence and transparency in evaluating the applications to the XR4ED open calls.

Expressions of Interest open until 06 June 2024 at 17:00 CEST

What services are required?

The services to be provided by experts will be carried out remotely and will consist of evaluating a selection of submitted applications to XR4ED open calls, as well as drafting the evaluation report (if applicable).

The process consists of the participation in the Experts’ Briefing Call, the remote evaluation  of several applications, the participation in consensus meetings (if necessary), and validation of evaluation reports. 

Experts who may also assume the rapporteur role (by indicating their intention during the submission stage and if selected) will be responsible for drafting the evaluation report, consisting of combining all evaluators’ feedback and comments. 

Experts will be required to sign a non-conflict of interest declaration and a contract with XR4ED before being accepted to evaluate any application.

Call for Experts

Who are we looking for?

XR4ED is looking for experts with knowledge in several domains, particularly:

      • XR/AI/VR/MR technologies
      • Open standards in XR field (e.g., WebXR, OpenXR)
      • Educational environments
      • Humanities and social innovation

A demonstrated understanding of the evaluation process of EU-funded projects is considered an asset.

Experts will be evaluated based on their professional experience and expertise in the aforementioned areas, as well as previous experience in proposal reviewing submitted to EU and FSTP programmes.

Call for Experts

What are the benefits of being an evaluator?

Learn about emerging technologies

in the XR domain, as well as advancements in the educational sector

Participate in the selection

of innovative projects and cutting-edge solutions

Get acquainted with innovative startups

SMEs, mid-caps, universities, and VET organisations

Call for Experts

Your participation in the evaluation process

Selected experts will be reimbursed for their time and effort

based on the number of applications reviewed (minimum number to be agreed), with each application corresponding to a value of EUR 50 considering all the services required.

Experts who may also assume the role of rapporteur

will receive an additional EUR 25 per evaluation report developed.

Call for Experts

Indicative timeline*

The overall process is foreseen to run from 01 July 2024 until 23 August 2024, as follows:

  • Experts’ Briefing Call (tbc): 02 July 2024
  • Remote evaluation: 08 July 2024 to 19 July 2024
  • Consensus meeting (tbc and if necessary)24 July 2024
  • Draft of evaluation reports (rapporteurs only): 29 July 2024 to 16 August 2024
  • Validation of evaluation reports: 19 August 2024 to 23 August 2024

*All dates are indicative and may change if any modifications in the project’s schedule occur. 

    Call for Experts

    Important Notice

    Please note that this Expression of Interest to participate in the XR4ED open calls evaluation as an independent expert is NOT binding and does NOT represent any commitment to the XR4ED project.

    The selection of the experts to support the evaluation of the XR4ED open calls will be carried out at a later stage as it depends on the number of applications received, their origin and the domains that they address. The selection will also consider the origin of the experts, their affiliations, their expertise and the balance between several criteria (e.g., gender, background, affiliation type, expertise, etc.). Furthermore, the project is obliged to frequently change experts that support the evaluation of applications.

    Expressions of Interest open until 06 June 2024 at 17:00 CEST