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Accelerating innovation in learning and education through EdTech and XR

XR4ED brings together the EdTech and XR communities to establish an European reference platform on learning and training with XR that will provide a central access point to existing solutions and contribute to a leading position for Europe in cutting-edge technologies for education.

What We Offer

Education Platform

An innovative sustainable on-demand education platform that will provide centralised access to existing XR content, tools and solutions, based on open standards, for learning and training.

XR technologies

Enhancement of XR technologies for learning and training by enabling digital start-ups, SMEs, and industry active in the EdTech sector to further advance early prototypes to a market-ready product.

Open Marketplace

An open marketplace that will allow the EdTech and XR communities to submit and promote their ready-to-market systems for learning and training.

Ethics Observatory

An Ethics Observatory that will include privacy, ethics and inclusiveness standards for XR EdTech compliant with the EU rules to protect users’ fundamental rights.


A sustainable ever-growing ecosystem of collaborating organisations from diverse domains, fully utilising the XR4ED platform and renovating XR in education-related sectors.


Target Groups

XR Developers

Users willing to develop XR applications for education.

Social innovators

Ethics and policy regulators in XR for education at national (or regional) level

Scientific community

Universities (academics, students/researchers), research centres/institutes.

Educational community

Schools (teachers, parents, administrators) and non-formal education providers especially, in relevant disciplines such as STEM, history, healthcare

Young professionals

Training and upscaling of young talents in healthcare and medical, manufacturing, construction and engineering

Business community

SMEs and companies involved in National/European-level industry XR platforms/repositories/libraries, learning and instructional designers, system integrators, investors,  XR hardware providers, etc.